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It's all about exploration

We are curious creators with a spirit of positivity! Come Create Along with us!

The makings of Create Along

We, Ilysa and Kira, want to live in a world where everyone loves to mix up their media and use all kinds of art supplies, tools and other fun stuff to create art, crafts, decor, gifts, and jewelry. As art explorers and video podcasters, we have been featured on the blog,,,,, and in many magazine articles and books.

We've been hosting a long running weekly tutorial show on Youtube called PolymerClayTV since 2007. Our first print book was published in 2013 by a major publisher. You can find Polymer Clay Art Jewelry - How to make polymer clay jewelry projects using new techniques- at , Barnes & Noble , B.A.M ., Michael's, and more.

When we are not up to our elbows in polymer clay, covered in paint with beads stuck in our hair, you can find us outdoors enjoying nature, reading a great book, or snuggling with our black kitties and enjoying time with our loved ones.

Together we created Polymer Clay Adventure, which is the only year-long online art retreat dedicated to having fun with polymer clay.

We design and manufacture our own line of  silkscreens, stamps, texture sheets, stencils, and cutters for crafting in mixed media styles. Our tools are designed to be easy and fun to use.

We personally source or create and test each product we sell. Our monthly themed boxes are planned with  variations on the theme so you have plenty of ideas. Our weekly free tutorial videos feature all of our products so you will never run out of things to create along with us!

We both had creative moms who surrounded us with inspiration and opportunities to make things and enjoy art and crafting. We love to challenge ourselves to try new things. Ilysa has a background as a gallery owner and designer who embraced social networking and marketing early on. Ilysa also spent many years selling her artwork on the road and winning prizes such as Best in Show. Kira has a BS in Art Education from SUNY Buffalo and experience teaching in public school. Ilysa’s website focus is on marketing and promotion, while Kira runs the technology behind the scenes that makes everything function. We both teach weekly on Polymer Clay TV. Ilysa & Kira’s work is very different, just like their personalities, but they embrace this and it always works out! Ilysa works more with bold and bright colors and in a large scale and this echoes in her exuberant voice and onscreen persona, while Kira works in muted tones and on a smaller scale, and has a quiet, calm onscreen presence. This makes Ilysa & Kira the perfect team as they can each bring a different perspective to all their creative endeavors.